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Foresters began relying on Terra Tech for reforestation tool and animal damage control supplies in 1976. Since that time we have expanded out business to include for general forestry, wild land firefighting, arboriculture and Christmas tree growing.

Through close working relationships with our customerrrâÂs Terra Tech further expanded into the design and manufacture of specialized products, emphasizing reforestation and general forestry.. Working in partnership with our customers, we have created the finest timber cruising vests, tree planting bags and tools on the market. Other specialized products include backpacks to facilitate individual plant fertilization, specialized Christmas tree harvesting tools and safety products.

Customers appreciate our knowledgeable sales representatives who have first hand experience in the industries they now supply. Equally important is our prompt service, usually with same-day shipping. After browsing this catalog you are encouraged to call our complete manufacturing, sales and warehousing facilities in Oregon at (800) 321-1037. Representatives are happy to answer questions about specific products and to advise you on your choices. In a continuing effort to serve you we are proud to announce that in the Fall of the year 2004 marked the debut to this specialized web site.

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Mesh Hi-Viz no pocket

Expandable Search & Rescue Vest

Comfortable in any weather, this vest opens thr..

Mesh Hi-Beam 3 pocket

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